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15 Reasons to Buy from Entertainbest

10 Reasons to Sell to Entertainbest

  1. We are the Cheapest
  2. We only handle NEW products

    We do not deal with:
    Customer returns
    (We do, on occasion, offer some Brand New - Never opened "Shelf Pulls" with retail labeling - but we label that on our offers - no surprises)

  3. We carry a full line of products

    Our line ranges from Games to Edutainment to Productivity to ...

  4. We carry all forms of packaging including:

    Master Retail
    Mini Box
    Amaray (DVD Case)
    Jewel Case
    Sleeved and Spindled

  5. We do NOT sell OEM or other products that are legally challenged
  6. We accept all forms of payment
  7. You want to talk to us -
    We're here - just call: 718 701 2662
  8. We offer a level of Exclusivity - Buy an agreed to number of units and we won't sell them to anyone else for 3 months
  9. We ONLY offer products with which you can make a profit
  10. We do the Work for you.
  11. We will always consider (price) offers
  12. We scan the earth for the best deals - no source is left unexplored
  13. We do NOT retail. We ONLY wholesale - we do NOT compete with you
  14. If you are having difficulty moving some old stagnant stock, we TRY to help
  15. We're Nice people
  1. You get paid - Immediately - no "terms"
  2. All sales are 1 way
  3. There is no MDF
  4. There is no Price Protection
  5. There is no Stock Rotation
  6. We sell to alternate channels that you would not otherwise find-it is all incremental profits
  7. We allow you to drop ship-you know where your products is going
  8. We help you find Intl customers
  9. We work with finished goods and licenses
  10. We work with all forms of packaging

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